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    What is Sled Hockey?

    Ohio Sled Hockey 2012

    2012 Team Photo

    Ice sled (sledge) hockey was invented in the early 1960′s in Stockholm, Sweden, by a few hockey players who would not let their physical disabilities get in the way of doing what they loved. They modified their equipment and played on a lake south of Stockholm. However, it was not until 1994 at the Winter Paralympics Games in Lillehammer, Norway, that it became an official event. It is now practiced in 12 countries. Sled hockey has been played in Canada and the United States for several decades. Teams and clubs are springing up throughout major US markets, usually with the help of their professional NHL teams. Players, who have physical disabilities, sit in sleds with two blades on the undercarriage of the sled. They propel themselves across the ice using two short hockey sticks with ice picks on the bottom. The game differs from ice hockey only in equipment and period lengths of 15 minutes instead of 20. Full hockey protective gear is worn as the rules of contact are the same. The games are action packed!

    Ohio Sled Hockey is excited to continue the success it has enjoyed thus far. Join us at our upcoming events to support our organization and help keep sled hockey in the lives of our disabled youth athletes.

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